Volunteering at EDSC

Get involved by becoming a judge, referee, timekeeper, starter, recorder, electronic timing operator

EDSC is a members' swimming club managed entirely by volunteers for the benefit of all members. Everyone involved in the running of the club gives their time freely to create opportunities for its swimmers. This means that all of your subscriptions go directly into pool hire, coaching costs and essential expenses. Without the dedication and commitment of all our volunteers, subscription costs would be far greater, whilst we simply would not be able to do and achieve what we do.

Our fantastic team of volunteers comprises of parents, guardians, grandparents, senior swimmers and even parents whose children have long left the club. As such, we encourage such people to assist with the running of the Club. As your child progresses through the club, you will begin to see just how much the entire sport depends on volunteers. Fortunately we find that many parents prefer to volunteer as opposed to sit in a spectator’s gallery and are rewarded by the fact that they are helping other children enjoy the same opportunities the volunteer’s family have enjoyed.

At most licensed meets, each competing club has an obligation to provide officials to ensure the meet runs to the required ASA standards of excellence and safety. Without enough officials, club entries can be refused, hence the Club really depends on everyone to help make these great opportunities possible.

For teaching and coaching, the Club has an adopted funding policy in place. Any training required for other voluntary roles at EDSC is fully-funded by the club. Either way you will certainly find that assuming a voluntary role within the Club will massively boost your understanding and enjoyment of the sport.

Below is a summary of typical roles that need to be fulfilled to enable the Club to operate efficiently:

  • At Club organised competitions, such as: collecting entrance fees, helping on poolside marshalling swimmers for their heats, announcing, recording, time keeping, judging, raffle organiser, awards table, signing in sheets, runners to post results, purchasing and distribution of refreshments including lunch;
  • At other meets and galas: assisting the team manager on poolside, time keeping, judging;
  • On the Management Committee: the Club is run by the Management Committee which comprises of 10 different posts that stand for election each year at the AGM;
  • Coaching and teaching: our support teachers and coaches play an invaluable part in contributing to our successful competitive swimming programme.

If you are interested in becoming one of our officials (in whatever capacity) the Club is always looking for new parents or swimmers (seniors+) to learn - for more details speak to our Officials Co-ordinator or discipline managers, via the Contact Us page. For all other roles please do not hesitate to speak to our Chair, who is also often in the foyer during Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Erith Leisure Centre or send a message to him via our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.