IT Help and Assistance for parents and swimmers

Parents and swimmers are encouraged to download and use the following apps:

1. SwimClub Manager (receive notifications and review Club emails, view/edit personal details, view PB's, upcoming events, purchase from the EDSC Swim Shop, etc). This app is free and you must use your SwimClub Manager login details to gain access. If you already have the app but are having problems using it or logging in, check if there is a manual app update from your app store, install it if so and try logging in again. If you've forgotten your login username contact your discipline manager who can re-send this;

2. Meet Mobile (to view confirmed meet entries and 'live' results for all of EDSC's licensed meets and Club Championships as well as many other meets). Use of this app costs about £5 per year.

If you're having issues with our SwimClub Manager emails being treated as junk, then please visit HERE for assistance.

IT Help and Assistance for volunteers and coaches

EDSC uses the following to help manage its day to day operations and swim meets:

1. SwimClub Manager (cloud-based club management software and website provider)

2. Meet Manager (requires an installation on to Windows devices)

3. 123-Reg (domain and webmail provider)

4. GoCardless (payments from all EDSC members)

5. PayPal (payments from non-EDSC seniors or masters entering the Masters Meet)

1. SwimClub Manager

SCM is a huge club management system developed by BPS Designs Ltd. The Club pays BPS Designs for support as part of its subscription. The online status of the system can be checked HERE. In case of any system or page errors encountered, please post these in the SCM Facebook group, or submit a support ticket in SCM.

Unless your query relates to whether you have the right permissions in SCM, for all other help using the full version of SCM (i.e. not the app), please rely on the following (in order of likely helpfulness):

1. Carefully read the text and button options: this will seem obvious, but do take your time reading the text and button options available to you on the page you are on - this often explains any problems or careful reading of options and features can help locate what you are trying to do;

2. Manager's should attempt to fix issues with their member's records: if a Member or coach has raised an issue (e.g. in respect of their data, login details or times), in the first instance their discipline manager should load their membership details in SCM by using the top right search function and by going through the tabs, see if they can address the issue, such as deleting incorrect swim times, emailing the member their login details, or changing any other data held, as requested (although Members can also do the latter and should be encouraged to);

3. Use the bespoke EDSC SwimClub Manager guides - these procedural notes cover specific day-to-day topics and can be viewed/downloaded from the EDSC Documents page;

4. Use 'Help > Help for this page' in SCM - provides options for likely relevant documentation. Clicking the Home button will also provide you with a box to search for help. Also available as a separate webpage HERE;

5. Join the SCM Facebook group and search for help there, if not post a question - it is a quick, friendly place to search and obtain answers to queries. The developer, who knows SCM inside out, also posts responses to queries here. You are likely to receive a quicker response to your query on here than by emailing the IT Manager. Those in the following roles should sign up to this group: Head Coach, Development Coach, squad coaches, all discipline managers, social secretary, Swim Shop manager and meet managers.

2. Meet Manager

Hy-Tek's Meet Manager in conjunction with the Meet Mobile app is used to run EDSC hosted meets. Many pools use the Omnisport 2000 timing console. Of particular assistance will be the 'Help - EDSC Guide' files that are available via the EDSC Documents page under Meets > Meet Resources. Also included are full manuals. The IT Manager's responsibilities are limited to the creation of the Meet Manager electronic entry files.

3. 123-Reg Webmail

Club emails should be sent from within SCM. 123-Reg webmail should only be used to reply to specific emails from Members. The IT Manager will update signatures of webmail accounts as well as forwards to personal email addresses for those that do not need an EDSC webmail inbox but no day-to-day support is provided. The online status of the system can be checked HERE. Other email support is provided via the following method:

1. 123-Reg Email Support Centre - use this to search for help in setting up access to your EDSC webmail on your devices once the IT Manager has provided your email address and password. To login via an internet browser go to HERE.

4. GoCardless

EDSC member payments are handled by GoCardless. Access to the club's GoCardless account is limited to the treasurer, chair and IT Manager. Day-to-day responsibility for financial matters rests with the treasurer.

5. PayPal

Any queries relating to PayPal will come from non-EDSC members. These should be raised with EDSC's Meet Promoter.