EDSC Archive

EDSC was established in 1912. Here you'll find a wealth of historic information relating to the Club primarily set out in Newsletters dating back to 1969 and our 2012 Centenary Banners.


The first Club Newsletter was published in February 1969. It refers to the first 6 months of the Club's 'new' home at Riverside Baths on Erith High Street, next to the Running Horses pub, which was the Club's main pool until April 2005. Almost 200 editions of the Newsletter were subsequently produced, which now takes the form of an annual summary following the Club's Annual General Meeting. Head over to the Archive folder on the Club Documents page to look page at this fascinating archive into Club life since 1969.

Centenary Banners

In 2012, the Club celebrated it's first centenary with lots of special events held throughout the year. We designed 6 banners that set out a 'highlights' package dating back to the Club's inception in 1912. These banners can also be viewed under the Archive folder on the Club Documents page.

Banner 1 (1906 to 1968) Banner 2 (1969 to 1983) Banner 3 (1983 to 1989)
Banner 4 (1989 to 1997) Banner 5 (1997 to 2004) Banner 6 (2005 to 2012)