27 Sep 2023

Many thanks for your entries, we look forward to welcoming you to Crook Log Leisure Centre on the 4th & 5th of November. Here is the final entry report ( Fireworks Meet 2023 accepted entries.pdf ). This report lists all swimmers by club and then by name. Please take a moment to check your entries. If there are any errors, let me know before the competition as mistakes are much easier to fix in advance of the day. In addition, you can view start sheets for all sessions here: ( Fireworks Meet Start Sheet.pdf )
Timings for the weekend have altered very slightly and are now confirmed as follows:
Session 1 (Events 101-106): Warm-up 08:15-09:00. Start 09:05. Finish 10:50 ( Session 1 entry report.pdf )
Session 2 (Events 201-205): Warm-up 11:15-12:00. Start 12:05. Finish 13:30 ( Session 2 entry report.pdf )
Session 3 (Events 301-305): Warm-up 14:00-14:45. Start 14:50. Finish 16:50 ( Session 3 entry report.pdf )
Session 4 (Events 401-406): Warm-up 08:15-09:00. Start 09:05. Finish 10:50 ( Session 4 entry report.pdf )
Session 5 (Events 501-505): Warm-up 11:15-12:00. Start 12:05. Finish 13:30 ( Session 5 entry report.pdf )
Session 6 (Events 601-605): Warm-up 14:00-14:45. Start 14:50. Finish 16:50 ( Session 6 entry report.pdf )
Each 45 minute warm-up period will be divided into 3 x 15-minute periods with each period comprising of 10 minutes continuous lane swimming and 5 minutes of one-way sprint lanes. Schedules have been allocated and can be viewed here: ( Fireworks Meet 2023 warm up arrangements.pdf )
Signing out / withdrawals.
Anyone wishing to withdraw from an event or events should e-mail [email protected] by the start of the warm-up for the relevant session. It is extremely easy for swimmers not to sign out but those not doing so leave empty lanes and wasted session time for all involved. Please show respect for others at the meet by making every effort to let us know you are withdrawing from an event or events. A final list of seeded entries will be available to view on Meet Mobile shortly after the start of the warm-up of each session and we will also post printed copies of the heat sheets on poolside and issue copies to coaches and team managers. Please note that entries are non-refundable, although any competitors who withdraw through injury (supportive medical evidence is required) in advance of the start of the meet may be entitled to a refund. 
Marshalling will take place in the area just outside the changing village. When swimmers are called to marshalling, they will need to gather in this area and should wear appropriate footwear (poolside shoes) and clothing.
Results & awards.
Results will be published throughout the day on Meet Mobile. Medals are awarded to the fastest 3 swimmers in each of the strokes / distances in the following age groups: 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs and 16yrs+. Awards can be collected from the awards table throughout the day. 
Poolside guidance.
Competitors should leave poolside as soon as they have completed their swims. Those arriving for following sessions should not come on to poolside until the previous session has finished. Hire conditions and limited poolside space mean that we cannot allow competitors to bring large bags and chairs on to poolside. Large bags should be stored in the changing village lockers which take a £1 coin and are refundable. Competitors should only bring a small bag on to poolside containing essential equipment.
The spectator entry is £4.00 per session and you will be issued a colored wristband for re-entry. We are able to accept cash or contactless card payments. Spectators who are staying for multiple sessions will be able to buy multi-session tickets at a reduced price.
The cafeteria at Crook Log will be open all day serving hot and cold drinks and food. Refreshments for coaches, team managers, volunteers and officials will be available throughout the day in the creche, which is situated behind the reception.
Crook Log car park.
There is ample free parking at Crook Log. Unfortunately there is only one exit which results in queues to leave the car park at the end of a session. Most people want to exit the car park and turn right but traffic lights mean that only a few cars can exit when the signal changes. You can however turn left out of the car park and the take the first right (Glynde Road) and then take the next right (Avenue Road) and this will bring you back where you were heading. If everyone follows this guidance it should reduce the queues in the car park throughout the day.
As always, we are only able to successfully run our meet with help from qualified officials. Any officials who are available and willing to help are should e-mail me: ( [email protected] ) letting me know their name, Swim England number and sessions they are available for.
I hope that I have covered everything. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
John Burdett

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