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Club Captains 2014-15

Our Club Captains for 2014-15:
From left to right:
Myles Ellis
George Leigh
Olivia Maunders
Ruby Verge

Why Join EDSC?

EDSC is a fun, family run swimming club based in Erith, South East London. We were established in 1912 and are one of the oldest swimming clubs in the area. As you will see on this page the Club caters for swimmers of all ages. If not already in the teaching groups, possible new members are expected to complete a trial. If you are thinking of joining please contact John Burdett on 07788 668514, or e-mail

Training Times

The club operates a squad system whilst also offering an academy teaching programme with many classes. Effectively, swimmers are expected to swim up through the squads as they improve. See the Squads page for more information including training times.

Club Fees as of 1/1/15

At EDSC we believe our fees are extremely reasonable, and cover things such as pool hire, competitive awards and ASA membership fees.  Our discounted early payment fees are currently as follows, with most based on 3 equal payments payable on the 1st January, 1st May and 1st September (aligning with the Club’s squad terms) with the discounts applying until the middle of the respective month.   Our preferred method of payment is online via the Subscriptions page.

Elite Youth Squad - 145 per term (total of 435 for year)
Elite BAGCATS, Junior, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Synchro Squads - 135 per term (405 for year)
Academy Squad - 95 per term (285 for year)
Synchro and Squad Membership - 145 per term (435 for year)
Senior Squad - 110 per term (330 for year)
Masters - 172.50 due January and May (345 for year)
Penguins teaching programme - all classes - 80 per term (240 for year)
Students (living at university) - single payment of 80 for year
Life Members Active - single payment of 172.50 for year
Life Members Non-Active - single payment of 20 for year

Swimmers will only move squads at the end of a term. If they move to a squad with a different fee then they will pay the appropriate fee for the new squad that they have been moved to.

Squads and Coaching Staff

The Club squad system comprises of 10 squads, 3 providing teaching, 6 providing coaching and the remainder offering synchronised swimming.  Swimmers are expected to progress through the squad system that provides a gradual increase in training time per week from Academy through to Elite Youth.  For those older swimmers that wish to continue to train but with a reduced level of dedication, there is the option of swimming in the Senior squad if you are at least 16 or Masters if you are at least you are 25.  See the Squads page for more details.

Management Committee

The management committee are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the entire membership that improve the way the Club operates. See the Committee page for the list of current committee members.


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